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Biking Through History Between Two Countries

June 4, 2018

Typically when traveling between cities since working remotely full-time I’ve had to board a flight due to the distance between cities. Now that I’m in control of my own itinerary, I’m choosing my own cities and intentionally looking for ones that are located relatively close together. You may or…

Current Location: Toronto, Canada

Hi there! I started this blog when I joined Remote Year in August 2016. After an incredible and unforgettable year I returned to Toronto to let the dust settle and plan my next move. I hit the road again in the winter of 2018 and spent 7 months travelling around Europe, mostly Eastern, and ended with a bang at Oktoberfest. After over 2 years of living out of a suitcase I've decided to return to Toronto to slow down and take an inventory of where I've come from.