The idea to maintain a blog started when I embarked on my journey with Remote Year. However what I would write about wasn’t so clear. How could I anticipate what the year would bring – keeping my job but doing it from a location that is changing every month. Not to mention I’d be travelling in a community of people that I’d never met before, all from different personal and professional backgrounds.

Rather than focus on a singular topic (food, culture, history, tourist attractions, travelling on xx budget, top-3/5/10 lists, etc.), I decided not to pre-define my content. I decided I would write about a range of topics, leaving it up to what inspired me at any given moment. While I set out to write bi-weekly posts, it soon became clear that this would be unattainable. Simply put, there is just too much going on in any given day, week and month. After all, the bulk of my time spent working. However when I’m not working, exploring, socializing, preparing/going out for/eating food, sleeping, there’s very little, if any time left in the day. Sometimes I just don’t want to do anything, and I’m okay with that.

I participated in the 6th Remote Year program to set out in the world at the end of July, 2016. Each program is given a unique name, often related to a meaningful or thoughtful theme such as family, exploration or purpose. Our program was called Ikigai, which is a Japanese concept, roughly translated into ‘reason for being’. According to the concept, everyone has an ikigai. To find it often requires deep inquiry and lengthy ‘search of self’ – a search which is highly regarded. Ultimately one finds his or her ikigai at the convergence of four concepts:

What you love/are passionate about;
What the world needs;
What you’re good at;
What you can get rewarded/paid for.

As I’ve unknowingly embarked on a journey to help me discover my ikigai, this blog as become my forum as I search for it.

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