While the idea to maintain a blog during my Remote Year journey was an obvious one, what to focus it on was less clear. How could I anticipate what the year would bring – working the same job I’d held for the past couple of years, but doing it from a location that is changing every month. Not to mention I’d be travelling in a community of people that I’d never met before, all from different personal and professional backgrounds.

Rather than have a specific focus on food, culture, the main tourist draws of each place, travelling on a budget, high-end experiences, etc. I decided not to pre-define my content. Rather, I intended to write about a range of topics and leaving it up to what inspires me at any given moment. While my intention was to write frequent posts, the reality was that that time is fleeting and it’s difficult to juggle the professional and personal demands of the program.

I participaed in the 6th Remote Year program to set out in the world, and each program has a unique name. Ours was called Ikigai, which is a Japanese concept which roughly translates into ‘reason for being’. According to the Japanese, everyone has an ikigai. To find it often requires deep inquiry and lengthy ‘search of self’ – a search which is highly regarded. Ideally you find your ikigai at the convergence of four things:

What you love;
What the world needs;
What you’re good at;
What you can get rewarded for.

As I’ve unknowingly embarked on a journey to help me discover my ikigai, this blog seemed like, and continues to seem like an appropriate forum for exploration.

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