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The Halfway Point

March 15, 2017

So if you’ve been following by blog you’ve likely noticed that I’m not very good at writing regular posts. My original goal coming into Remote Year was to post bi-weekly. Very early on in the game I realized that this was going to be hard to attain so I modified my goal to a monthly post. Even this has proved difficult. It’s not that I’m lazy or unmotivated, I just really can’t seem to find the time for it.

I alluded to the structure of a typical week in a previous post back in November. My weekly calendar and the distribution of my time is still very much the same. Not only is Remote Year good at scheduling event and activities to keep us busy, but at this time of year also coincides with a very busy time at work for me. Yes, work, for if it wasn’t for my job I wouldn’t be doing this right now. And because I’m doing this right now, the need to work hard and earn money is even more accentuated, as I’m seeing the dollars rapidly depleting from my bank account. So. Very. Rapidly.

In keeping with my monthly goal, and by writing a post about each subsequent city that we’re in, it’s time to write about Valencia. We were in Valencia in January. I know, that was 2 months ago, but better late than never, right? January, I had decided, would be a month to exercise regularly and cook healthy meals. Nothing to do with the New Year, or wanting to turn over a new leaf or whatever. No, just because that’s what my life was like before Remote Year so I was kind of longing for a certain degree of normalcy in my life again. That, and I’d blown through so much of my savings in the 5 months before then – eating out for 2 or more meals a day, every day – that I needed to spend less money on food. That, and my loose-fitting jeans were no longer fitting so loosely.

Having lived in Spain for 5 years, I knew the country, its culture and its customs very well. As such, it felt good to call Valencia home for a month. Even though I lived in Madrid, I had visited Valencia and in fact, have friends who are living there. The temperature was warm (usually in the teens – downright balmy for January by Canadian standards) and the skies were sunny nearly every day. Everything felt familiar and I didn’t feel the need to go out and do stuff all the time. Many of the events and activities that were planned seemed to happen at times inconvenient for me to attend, and I only planned one side-trip – a long weekend in Madrid.

There weren’t any sites that I was planning to check out – neither in the city nor elsewhere in Spain, and I didn’t even take my camera out once to shoot (full disclosure – the pics for this post were taken when I was in Madrid this past June). In comparison to other months, it sounds rather boring and uneventful. In hindsight, it was the month that mirrored most closely my life pre-RY. Essentially I could well have been in Toronto, living in a rented apartment and going in to the office every weekday, but instead I was in Valencia. I was grateful for the sunny skies and happy to be able to converse in Castellano again. I found it pretty cool to be able to keep doing my job from wherever I happened to be, and I was really happy to have such a great group of people surrounding me. All in all it was a good month.


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