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Biking Through History Between Two Countries

June 4, 2018

Typically when traveling between cities since working remotely full-time I’ve had to board a flight due to the distance between cities. Now that I’m in control of my own itinerary, I’m choosing my own cities and intentionally looking for ones that are located relatively close together. You may or…


Life in not Barcelona

March 19, 2018

One of the things I struggled with on my blog during my last stint abroad was knowing what to write about. Regrettably, in the 6 months since that I was back in Toronto I never gave this any more thought. Now, here I am soaring through the Spanish countryside…


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General Remote Year

Yes I’m Still Alive

July 10, 2017

So here I am in month 12 of Remote Year and all I can do I wonder how the hell we got here so quickly. On my last post I wrote about my feelings of air travel back at the beginning of April. As you can imagine, I’ve done…


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The Joy of Flying

April 4, 2017

I was originally going to call this post “Why I Hate Flying”, because I really do, and I didn’t believe there was anything good about it. However, now that I set out to write it, I realize that the time during a flight is the ideal time to write…

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The Halfway Point

March 15, 2017

So if you’ve been following by blog you’ve likely noticed that I’m not very good at writing regular posts. My original goal coming into Remote Year was to post bi-weekly. Very early on in the game I realized that this was going to be hard to attain so I…

Current Location: Toronto, Canada

Hi there! I started this blog when I joined Remote Year in August 2016. After an incredible and unforgettable year I returned to Toronto to let the dust settle and plan my next move. I hit the road again in the winter of 2018 and spent 7 months travelling around Europe, mostly Eastern, and ended with a bang at Oktoberfest. After over 2 years of living out of a suitcase I've decided to return to Toronto to slow down and take an inventory of where I've come from.